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“Magic always comes with a price.” That was what my former mentor and friend told me when he first started training me. “The deeper you go the worse that price gets” I thought he was trying to scare me, I never believed him…not until now.

It was snowing in the lands of Damon Halliwell, something that almost never happened but tonight was just one of those few rare and beautiful nights. Damon looked out the window at it with a smile on his face. He looked at the trees and out onto the streets where kids were playing, after all for many this was their first snow fall. He turned from the window and made his way into the parlor and with a flick of his hand a fire burst to life in the fire place. He slowly made his way over to it to warm his hands. Above the fireplace was a mirror and as he looked into it he no longer recognized himself. He frowned and he moved his fingers up to his ever greying hair. Even his face showed more age then normal and in that moment he thought back to his training.

“Damon, Magic always comes with a price, and for most people it takes the form of ageing. Most People who use arcane magic suffer from advanced ageing, while magic normally will increase one’s life span it will also make them age far faster. Enjoy your youthful looks now as one day soon you may find that magic and affected you before your time,”

Damon frowned at the mirror. His master had been very right but never did Damon think it would be this bad. He was only in his 50’s but looking at himself now he would guess his 70’s. He knew this would start to happen. Damon had seen a few greys hairs and panicked. That was when he had started to looking into ways of reversing ageing. Time magic had been forbidden by the dragons but he had found another way. As Chancellor of the Senate he had been given full access to restricted areas of the libraries in Dalaran. It was there be spent so many nights reading over every book he could to try and stop the effects of the magic he used for everything. SO many options that he would not do but when he found the books on blood magic he found something he would be able to do without feeling horrible. The spells were simple, just a refresh of the body and boy did it ever work. Damon had been just turned 50 and because of his unending work with his skills as a blood mage he looked only 26 maybe 28 at the worse but once again like all magic it to had a price. Damon found himself having to cast the spell again once a month, harmless he thought but after years of relying blood magic and only increasing his use of arcane magic it took a toll of him. Every time the magic started to wear off he looked older. 50 turned to 55 and 55 turned to 65 and now he looked in his 70’s. Sure he can just once more refresh himself but how much longer could he keep this up, the body can only age so far.

Damon finally looked away from the mirror and headed over to a wall waved his hand. The wall vanished and he walked into the room it opened to. This was the room he kept all things he deemed to dangerous to be out in the open or things he wished no one else to see. Only people of his blood could open this room and there was only one other now besides him. He looked around to his room and in the center was a table and on that table a bowl long and thin. He walk over to it and pulled out a vile of blood from his robe. This was not his blood but the blood of a younger men around the age of 18. Damon found that as he aged it became harder and harder to refresh himself. His blood no longer worked. He had had to move on to other people blood, people much younger than he. It did not take a lot just a small vile and luck for him he had people willing to help but as he poured the vile into the bowl he wondered.

Damon started to wave his hands as the blood in the blood in the bowl started to spin. Around and around until it became hard to see and as it faded energy shot out of it and into Damon. He finally lowered his hands and looked down to an now empty bowl. He smiled as he felt the effects at once. He looked over to a mirror that was in the room and smiled. His grey hair was already back to its normal black and his skin was smoothing. In a matter of moments he had returned to his normal look of around 26. He turned and walked out of the room the wall returning as he left. He returned to the window to look out at the kids playing but this time with a frown on his face. “How much longer…how much longer can I keep praying this price?”
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*Note for those who read, Sorry about the misspells and shit but those who know me understand I am way to lazy to correct my shit and maybe one day I will....but as I am at work in typing in the shadows..IT IS NOT THIS DAY!*
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(( Love it. ))
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(Damon...don't strain yourself, brah. Is really gud ^_^)
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