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#12133181 Mar 04, 2016 at 11:44 AM
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While on dig in Eldre'thalas, or currently known as Dire Maul, my research party unearthed a number of significant items from the central gardens of the complex. A silver scroll case, which is fairly common to find at old elven sites, a brilliant gemstone that shimmers with the light of Elune fashioned to a necklace setting, a broken saber hilt, and the most peculiar of all, a bronze disc-shaped object that resembles a coiled serpentine entity.

With the assistance of volunteers from the Senate, we convened in my office to more closely examine the object. For the first time, I used Draenei technology to take some of the pressure off of my usual methods of determining the history of relics, as divining can be taxing when combined with my own homebrew of chronomancy. This marriage of divination has helped me pull the accurate history the object has experienced with chronomancy and allows me to read it through the lens of divination magic. The dangers therein are mitigated through the filtering of divination, but this was not the case for this peculiar idol we unearthed.

My chronomantic magics bound too well with the object, and I could almost feel my consciousness slip through time itself. Alas, the incantation had been stabilized and the magic channeled through the focus of the Draenic crystal. What was revealed to those of us gathered, was a scene with two ancient Highborne scholars that once dwelt in Eldre'thalas speaking to an unseen entity. After reviewing the scene further, I have developed a transcript of what transpired:

"That woman, she's unlike anything I've seen. Too small and pale to be a Kaldorei, yet her ears are pointed and her eyes glow like starlight..."

"She's a danger to the Shen'dralar, elven or not. Her magic is chaotic, reckless, and unstable. It will only bring ruin to what we've worked so hard to build here."

Before the scene ends, the two scholars face an unseen entity. Its voice hissed and boomed to the gossiping scholars.

"Thisss mortal will anssswer for her transgressionsss against the natural order, all in good... Time."

Without a doubt in any of our minds, the entity the two men were speaking to was a dragon, most likely of the Bronze Dragonflight due to the nature of this relic having a bronze sheen like the scales of these great wyrms. Why a Bronze Dragon would associate with ancient Eldre'thalas escapes all kinds of reason to us, and even moreso is its ominous presence to rid them of a troublesome guest. Little more could be pulled from the object's history, and more will be posted as efforts are made to determine the dragon-disc's functionality.
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After spending some time examining the idol, and some discussion with my colleagues, there are a number of hypotheses that could explain the Bronze Dragon relic's function.

First and foremost, I can put to rest any suspicion of a dragon cult existing within the confines of Eldre'thalas, as there have never been any records or evidence in all my years studying there, and cross-reference with my elders. The only close examples of such practices happening have been by those of the Black Dragonflight and later the Blue Dragonflight during the Nexus War. The reclusive nature of the rest of the dragonflights during a time two-thousand years ago would have kept them away from mortal affairs enough that such cults would not form.

Secondly, thanks to the insights of Mister Rosewood, I had not thought of this relic having presence in Eldre'thalas for its power and magical ability. When I had touched the relic while performing my divination, I know all too well the power that is still active within this idol, specifically power over time. Upon reexamination of the dragon relic, I had noticed that the coils had shifted since I had first obtained it. Watching it for a course of 15 minutes with pen at the ready, I saw the scales had brushed along the coils in a timely manner, one tick for every 30 seconds on my pocket watch. The time-oriented magic must power the clockwork nature of this object, and it keeps time, although not in an orthodox manner we are used to, as there are no hands or markers to keep track of time with.

This is, by no means, a clock to hang up in your room, however. I am going to put the relic under more observation and examination in hopes of pulling more from its nature. Perhaps more physical means will be necessary to coax the mystery out from this dragon idol...
#12171362 Mar 15, 2016 at 03:00 PM
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I submit this in hopes of providing a clear picture of the circumstances in which this tragedy has occurred surrounding my daughter. If there are any questions on the nature of this anomaly remaining after this report, please consult myself or Minister Liridian for more details.

Alazea Emberstar, Professor of Azerothian History

After the examination of the 2,000 year old Bronze Idol with my class after lecture on the week of March 10th, we had discovered further leads from Grimlohk's scrolls that had been preserved in the casings he unearthed at the digsite. Enclosed were missives detailing a rogue magister running unchecked in the complex, and that the use of Chronomancy had gained the attention of agents of the Bronze Dragonflight to go investigate the disturbances. The magister's name was unknown, and if my prior scrying told us anything, it was likely this outlandish interloper that had sneaked in among the Kaldorei scholars present in Eldre'thalas. The dragon in question was named, one Sedormu of the Bronze Flight, a watcher of time for Nozdormu.

The object's history was a picture painted with... mismatched colors, let's say. Through further divining of the idol's enchantments, it can be confirmed that it is indeed a focus of powerful chronomantic magic, but the emotions tied to its power is a mixture of great pride, anger, and tinges of fear. Rogue spellcasters are not uncommon in history, but the prior evidence of advanced chronomancy tied to this perpetrator is certainly cause for alarm. This implies that whatever transpired with this idol's power may not be an incident entirely lost to history, and worse yet... Mayiko and I could feel something else off about the relic. A strange sense of deja vu lingered as we examined the disc, like it was tied to us specifically somehow, even if we had never touched or seen the relic before in our lives!

Only now do I realize too little too late that the spell cast from this relic upon activation in my home, that it was booby-trapped with a malicious form of chronomantic magic. All this time we thought it was inert, performed controlled tests to determine if it was active, and only feigned the part of a ticking clock on the wall. The object's eyes lit up, tore itself from my hands, unfurled into a ring, and opened a miniature time gate, deliberately aimed for little Alia's crib...

*There's a few darkened spots on the ledger, text written over what appears to be dried teardrops*

Not a moment later, my precious girl was ensnared in a temporal field that was... aging her, at a terribly rapid rate. Salazar, Duncan, and Kaure appeared for emergency response, and thanks to Salazar's quick actions, he placed a countermeasure upon the field to slow its rate of time passage, but we were unable to dispel the field altogether. It seemed that the relic had only activated to unleash its magic, and no sooner had it become inert again, still unfurled into a bronze ring.

Upon Salazar's recommendation, I contacted Gehlnarine Liridian to assess the situation and provide us closer insight from his prior experience as a Bronze Dragonsworn. With his expertise, he determined the spell was indeed cast by a powerful dragon of the Bronze Flight, but we are still powerless to do anything about the field. As a shot in the dark, I offered up my scrying if he opened a small time gate into the past by following the thread the relic held through history. We witnessed through the viewing ritual the same dragon, Sedormu, on the heels of the Chronomancer he was hunting, spitting ire-filled remarks at the strangely humanoid woman, calling her a rogue and thief, and cast a powerful spell at her just as she attempted an escape, likely the one that was trapped in the relic.

Seeing the Chronomancer was... chilling. My blood runs cold even now as I recount what I saw. It was that familiar feeling, deja vu, all over again. I could not see the woman's face clearly, but her build was just like her mother's...

...I shudder to think my daughter takes after more than Viezra's athleticism.
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We took a great risk in performing this expedition, but we had good reason. My daughter's life was on the line, and a crazed keeper of the Bronze Dragonflight was on the loose. His magic directly affected Alia, and I would not stand by while he slowly destroyed her life before she even had a chance to live it.

Gathered at the source of the relic and this dramatic warring of a time keeper in Dire Maul, I gathered the power of my colleagues, Kyandra, Silvius, and Verkoth to open a Time Gate of our own into that moment of history 2,000 years ago. We took the necessary precautions of disguising our non-elf members and proceeded with discretion to seek out this strange chronomancer or Sedormu himself. We managed to bump into her while fleeing and pull her aside from the pursuit of some ancient kaldorei scions. She was rather... blunt with us.

As we hurried away, the woman had pointed those of us disguised out from the rest of the past. When she referred to Mayiko as "Mum" and myself... My horror was overcome by great agitation! An older version of Alia was the ire of the Bronze Flight in this time, and she was using her magic so carelessly! However, before we could get a clear story of how she was managing this, and even when she had come from, we were beset by Sedormu.

The bronze dragon cast a freezing spell upon us, but those of our comrades who had escaped it managed to save us before he could escape. Time around us had still frozen, Sedormu's appearance having no effect on the ancient climate of Dire Maul, perhaps shrouding us from notice to the rest of that point in time. The team held him off as best they could until Alia crippled the sandy wyrm with the very relic she had made away with--the bronze disc. Its magic kept him debilitated long enough for us to make our escape and prevent him from casting that deadly spell that would have been trapped in that disc as we currently knew it.

May and I attempted to bring this older version of Alia back with us to our present time, but she fought us on the decision. I made her promise not to use her chronomancy like this anymore, lest she be consumed by the Bronze Flight for her crimes. She agreed, and departed safely, as did my team. Back in the present, the Bronze idol we had used as a focus for our time gate had disintegrated into sand, no longer relevant in our timeline.

I had to know for sure if our efforts were in vain, and I made haste towards my home with May. Back in Dalaran, we felt no more of the chronomancy at work imprisoning my daughter, but... I'm afraid the magic was too potent to be completely undone by our efforts to dispel it before. Alia was safe, but she was no longer our baby girl... Sedormu's magic had warped her--aged her--into roughly the state of a five year old child. Her innocent, tender years as a babe... robbed from us by a dragon's rage. Pray nothing else is taken from us in the moons to come, as we try to piece this mystery together.
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