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Thimine is a clear multi-state alchemical compound similar in synthesis to other SYNO compounds though acting inversely to the catalytic compound Samine.

Thimine decelerates Fel emissions from entities and objects, reducing (though not eliminating) the corruptive spread of Fel. Like other multi-state compounds Thimine can be produced as a liquid, solid (crystalline or otherise), and gas, and is more effective at higher concentrations.Thimine was originally designed for use in advanced demonic containment vessels.

Thimine's primary militaristic applications involve it's use as a potent Fel inhibitor, reducing the amount of Fel energy an entity or object can release or utilize. Thimine-based weapons can temporarily weaken a demon while making contact while Thimine gas can prevent or significantly disrupt the use of Fel abilities while remaining un-harmful to non-Fel entities.

Thimine's commercial uses typically involve the containment and/or transportation of Fel based objects and entities though due to its ability to mask Fel signatures it's distribution and use is highly regulated. Containers made of Thimine metals may produce unobservable Fel emissions.
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