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Department of Magical Defense

A mix of an intelligence agency and operations, the Department of Magical Defense is tasked with ensuring public security for Dalaran and its territories, specifically with with investigating and apprehending rogue spellcasters, both foreign and domestic, as well as investigating breaches of and enforcing the Forbidden Magics Act. The DMD openly employs every legal type of spellcaster and combatant necessary to carry out the successful apprehension of highly dangerous magical users. In addition, this department is responsible for processing Writs of Dispensation, which includes a background investigation and mental evaluation, as required under Dalaran law for individuals wishing to research certain regulated magics. This department is also tasked with identifying which spells are unsafe to use and should be forbidden or regulated, as well as detailing what those regulations should be, if applicable.

Wings of the DMD.: (Lore, not expected to be filled by people)

  • Director’s Office
  • Military Attache’s Office - Acts as the liaison between the Ministry of War and Interior to ensure consistent communication.
  • Writ Processing Office - Reviews all initial writ requests that require ministerial approval and either sends the write to the Ministers for approval, returns with a request for further information, or denies the request.
  • Policy & Legislative Affairs - Tasked with working with the Senate to produce pertinent legislation for the proper functioning of the Ministry, which is included but not limited to the important task of identifying which spells are unsafe to use and should be forbidden or regulated, as well as detailing what those regulations should be, if applicable, and translating that into legislation to be put before the Senate.

Intelligence & Analysis:
  • Cryptanalysis - Analyzes and decrypts codes, runes, and other encrypted messages as required by the Ministry.
  • Dark Scryers - Scryers who utilize the Darksight Protocol, among other tools, to locate use of forbidden magic or regulated magic without a writ, along with the individuals or groups responsible for such use.
  • Reconnaissance Office - This office handles intelligence gathering on people of interest in order to provide DMD agents and the Ministry with adequate information before any action is taken in order to provide optimal conditions for target acquisition or elimination. This Office may work with the Ministry of Intelligence as needed depending on the scope of the assignment and target in question.
  • Counterintelligence Division - Tasked with preventing individuals, non-state actors, and/or foreign intelligence agencies from successfully gathering and collecting intelligence from within the Magocracy of Dalaran.

  • Command Center - The central hub from which all DMD operations are conducted, ensuring seamless coordination.
  • Dark Hunter Office - This office coordinates individuals that are called in to handle particularly dangerous targets.
  • Portal Nexus - A fortified central hub that allows agents to be deployed at various locations around the world.

  • Training Facilities
  • Barracks

  • Magitech Office - Small research and development division specifically tasked with providing tools and resources to DMD agents to assist in their assignments.
  • Background and Psychological Evaluations Office - Tasked with performing background and psychological evaluations on anyone as requested, whether for employment by the Ministry or elsewhere in the Kirin Tor.

Standalone Wings:
  • The Vault - A temporary holding facility for any objects acquired during missions before transference to the appropriate Department or Ministry, if not destroyed.
  • Interrogation Rooms - Several chambers used for the interrogation of acquired targets for information before being released or charged and sent to the Violet Hold.
  • “The Hole” - An undisclosed black site to hold the most extremely dangerous targets, the identities of which are only known to the Chancellor and Ministers.

Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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