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Penned by Li Xing and submitted to the Ministry of Academic's Research Department and the Vault.


The Third Moon is an orb of Highborne design -- in essence, designed to project a powerful charm spell over an area that is able to trap any form of living or magical creature or entity in a dreamstate that draws on the Emerald Dream through planar conjuration.

According to the creator and keeper of the orb, the Third Moon was designed to be a prison capable of locking away a fragmented but powerful void entity; pieces of which were found with the other relevant artifacts, The Stars That Sing, The Midnight Sun, and the Celestial Joy; the artifact shows no sign of intrinsic corruption itself over its exposure, although its dreamstate is observably capable of being corrupted by outside influences.

This, combined with the nature of the spell it projects, suggest that the “dreamstate” the orb projects is a created sub-plane of the Emerald Dream, drawing on its spatial and temporal distortion and magical essence to project the charm spell in a designated radius, absorb magical energy with which to fuel itself, and gain the ability to suspend creatures or entities of a metaphysical nature within it.

Observably, the only ways to escape the dreamstate once it traps a subject is for the wielder of the artifact to release them, or for outside forces to dispel the radial field of the spell itself. While within the dreamstate, one’s physical body (if one is had) remains in the plane it was previously in, while the mind is trapped.

The nature of the dreamstate itself draws on a subject’s previous perception and awareness from directly before entering the spell; continuity of consciousness is near-seamless, though the effect can be noticed (and thus resisted, provided sufficient strength of psychic will) by those with repeated exposure to the effect.

The inherent enchantment and spellwork of the orb itself is, after careful study, most reminiscent of Astromancy. “The Third Moon” is perhaps a reference to a constellation observed by the ancient Highborne of Azsuna and Suramar that takes the shape of a hibernating bear, observed in the vicinity of Azeroth's two existing moons. The astral rune of sleep is often derived from the aforementioned constellation according to spellbooks and manuscripts recorded from Nar’thalas Academy in Azsuna.

Through the use of enchantment and magical artifice, several spells and enchantments have been derived from the Third Moon and contributed to the Great Library of the Violet Citadel.

Until movement is made to provide the necessary spell-foci to cast them, however, the spells exist only for related study and reference, or to be used in relevant situations under guidance.

The following spells all require at least adept-level skill in both Illusion and Conjuration, and require a significant portion of mana.

• Third Moon’s Slumber: Similar to many sleeping charm spells that already exist, but uniquely potent (as per the artifact it was derived from). The spell suspends its subject in an enchanted slumber -- the duration is theoretically indefinite, but requires a steady supply of mana.

• Restorative Sleep: Tapping into the artifact’s connection to the Emerald Dream, subjects affected by this spell are suspended in an enchanted slumber similar to the previous spell, but physical and magical damage or corruption sustained heal at an accelerated rate in proportion with the amount of mana used. It is suggested to be used by healers in secure infirmary or hospital environments, and can aid in reducing the time a soldier has to spend recovering from sustained wounds (should they consent to being subject to the spell).


Special thanks to Duncan Liam Manderly for aid in research.
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Love the detail!
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Wonderful job!
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