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#13389133 Aug 09, 2017 at 11:05 PM
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The Kirin Tor thanks you for your interest in the astral body now present in our skies! They would also like to reassure you that they and all affiliated organizations are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of all those present in Dalaran, Most importantly.

You, your spouse, children, pets, loved ones, neighbours and coworkers.

If you or a loved one are distressed due to any actions of any individual please report it to one of the city guards! If you require a formal inquiry to report an unusual occurrence, I.E. "Faint whispers", "Demonic rituals" or supposed "Demons in disguise". Please ask for directions to the nearest public senate office to report said occurrences.

We here at the Kirin Tor would like to remind you that "The End of The World" is just hearsay. All of us here at the Kirin Tor value your sound of mind and personal safety.

All Dalaran citizens are requested to prepare "Evac Kits" in case of sudden Evacuation. Said kits should contain.
Lamp and oil
Matches and tinder
Mana crystals
Survival knife
First aid supplies
A change of clothes

Evac Kits should be placed closest to the front entrance of each dwelling, to ensure it does not get lost in the scramble. Supplies will be handed out for those who are not prepared, but these supplies are limited.

A detailed evacuation map can be found on the opposite side of this pamphlet. Please observe the shortest route to a portal near your Workplace, Home or Pub. Be prepared to leave should the call arise.

Thank you on behalf of the Senate and the Kirin Tor. We thank you for your time.

(A detailed map of Dalaran divided into multiple sections are colour coded with paths leading to evacuation portals. Detailing where the portal leads and how to get there.)
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A sticky note is attached to the bottom of the paper. "This is a terrible first draft. Please let me know if I missed anything!"

"-G.M" Is signed in cursive at the bottom of said sticky note.
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I like this.

Now we need a second one.
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