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Muster Point 17 "Port Rhonin"

Serving as the primary naval yard of the seaborne assets under the influence of the Magus Senate of Dalaran, Port Rhonin, referred to in official documents as 'Muster Point 17', is a heavily fortified and populated military base under the control of the Kirin Tor. Located north of Tol Barad and Gilneas on a series of Archipelagos, this facility is responsible for the commission of new ships as well as serving as a maintenance point for the various patrol vessels, frigates, and the few ships of the line in possession of the Magus Senate.

At this base is a garrison of 100 battlemagi under the command of Mage-Captain Brightstar, as well as a series of support personnel in the form of warmagi, smiths, enchanters, and logistics officers while naval leadership falls under Mage-Commodore Bartolomé Avant. The docks can hold Four ships at once, and the yards have space enough for the construction of two ships at at a time.

The base serves as the primary hub for aquatic movement of goods for the senate, with the transportation of Azerite to the Northrend Facilities being the most active at this time.
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