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Brief Regarding the Elementals of Azeroth
Archmage Zanbor Emerson

Since the defeat of the Burning Legion and the plunging of Sargeras' sword into Azeroth the elementals of the world have been in a state that can only be called chaos; this follows a time of relative calmness during the Third Burning Legion when the four lords allied themselves with the Earthen Ring and the forces of Azeroth to fight back against the Legion. This chaotic state is of concern to the Magocracy because as we all know when there is instability among the elementals, calamity and tragedy follow.

There have been reports that elementals of all kinds around Azeroth have been on our plane attempting to collect and absorb Azerite. Allegedly many of the lesser elemental lords (what could be better understood as the noble class of elementals) have discovered the power of the Azerite and are attempting to use it to overthrow their current Lords and take control of the Elemental Plane for themselves.

Despite working together to assist the Earthen Ring to fight the Burning Legion is can be safely assumed the elementals will be at war with each other again, if not already.


The Tiderhunter, Neptulon and his forces (most notably the Hydraxian Waterlords lead by Duke Hydraxis) have been spotted in the part of Nazjatar exposed to the air. Sources in the area report that Neptulon is unable to get into the area and is being held back by the Titan magics of the Tidestone that is holding back the ocean around the ancient city. The Waterlords are freely sharing this information and are allying with anyone to fight against their longtime foes the naga.

The water elementals seem to have either put down any rebellions by their lesser lords or remained mostly free of internal conflict. This could be due to the opening of Nazjatar. Aiding the Waterlords and by extension Neptulon should be a priority for magi operating in Nazjatar as good relations with the water elementals will go a long way for the people of Dalaran.

The earth elementals under the command of elemental lord Therazane seem to be the most visibly affected by the Azerite frenzy. Earth elementals have been spotted at numbers of a much higher frequency at areas of concentrated Azerite. Rumors have surfaced that Therazane was recently spotted and seems to have maintained control over Deepholm for the time being.

Therazane, like Neptulon has shown herself to be more willing to work with the “mortals” of Azeroth on a variety of issues.

The fire elementals have always been some of the most chaotic of the elementals and in the opinion of the author they remain that way today. The fire elementals and their Elemental Lord have interacted with the people of Azeroth far more extensively than the other elements. Under their previous Lord, Ragnaros, had enslaved the Dark Irons and had worked with Deathwing following the Cataclysm.

Their new Lord, Smolderon, was chosen with the assistance of the Earthen Ring during the Third Invasion of the Burning Legion. There are rumors of deep divisions of the fire elemental court and Elemental Lord Smolderon has not been seen for sometime now.

The air elementals have had a rocky history with the people of Azeroth. Like the fire elementals they had teamed up with Deathwing following the cataclysm and their former Elemental Lord, Al’Akir, was put down by the forces of Azeroth. The air elementals had a deeply bitter civil war which was eventually won by a supposed “Lord” who was again put down by some “mortals” following his attacks on the people of Uldum. The Earthen Ring eventually assisted in settling the question of who would lead the Air Elementals when Thunderaan was chosen over Prince Sarsarun. The Conclave of Wind later confirmed this.
Zanbor Emerson
Minister of Foreign Affairs
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