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Chancellor: Salazar Demes
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Director of Humanoid Resources: Mab Nimue
Director: Myrthelicen
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The Chancellery

[Pinned] On the Horizon: Moving Forward

To the Magus Senate, As word has trickled in, Chancellor Zanbor Emerson has officially retired for health reasons. At this time, we would call our attention to him, sending him warm wishes of health and a happy retirement. We thank him from the bo...
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[Pinned] Senate Benefits
The Chancellery

[Pinned] Senate Benefits

Each senator upon admission to the senate is granted certain benefits. These benefits increase as you climb the pay rank scale. If you wish to see what benefits you have and what each rank is entitled too please read the Pay Rates of the Senate Gu...
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The Chancellery

The Senate Budget (Updated for Jan-March)

Please click to see the budget.Please view and vote on Saturday!
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The Chancellery

Budget July-September

Ministry of WarMinister Vanidicus AlexanderMinistry Budget: 1,500,000Ministry of AcademicsMinister Hellissa BrisbyTemporary Lead Mab Nimue1,000,000Ministry of City SecurityMinister Damon Halliwell1,000,000Ministry of IntelligenceMinister Olivaxi S...
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The Chancellery

Writ Application - Void Magic

Section 1: OverviewFull Legal Name: Farel ArcWhat is your standing with the Kirin Tor? Magister of the Magus Senate of Dalaran, Mage-Lieutenant of the Ministry of War, Deputy-Minister of the Ministry of WarWhat is your experience in the magical ar...
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The Chancellery

Chancellery Holdings

The Chancellery maintains the following holdings for the Magus Senate.Lordamere SpireLordamere Spire is a tower maintained by the senate to host members and their families. The higher you go in the tower the fancier and larger the housing gets. Th...
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The Chancellery

Health and Medicine Guidelines

All Health and Medicine staff members should know these words, and follow them to the best of their ability. Such are based on the common vows and oaths taken by doctors all over the realm. Those found constantly breaking these vows will be dismi...
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The Chancellery

Writ Form

Writs of DispensationDrafter’s Note: A blanket writ will apply to all Alliance Military Forces. Once approved, it will be written up and passed by the Inner Council.Section 1: OverviewFull Legal Name:What is your standing with the Kirin Tor?What i...
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The Chancellery

Administration Paperwork Pocket Dimension

The Administration Paperwork Pocket Dimension or APPD is a special pocket dimension that securely holds the paperwork and other important files for the senate. It is accessible only by those whose signet rings have been activated by the Chief Admi...
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The Chancellery

Terms and Conditions for Receiving a Grant

In order to receive a grant from the Magus Senate of Dalaran one must meet the following terms and conditions:1.) You must be a member of the Kirin Tor.2.) Present your case for a grant to the Minister of Administration.Upon receiving a grant the ...
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