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Ministry of Academics
The Ministry of Academics

The Ministry of Academics is the largest ministry in the Magus Senate of Dalaran in terms of personnel. It caters to the Kirin Tor's goals of collecting knowledge and sharing that knowledge to train magi from the prestigious halls of the Antonidas Academy of Magical and Alchemical Sciences. The Ministry is lead by Undermagus Cylus Baultery.

The Department of Education
Rector of Education: Undermagus Cylus Baultery

The Office of Alchemical Studies - More than rudimentary potion making, the Office of Alchemical Studies provides classes, lectures, and hands-on laboratories to academy apprentices so they may better understand how to utilize and, more importantly, exploit the material world around them for benefice; whether that is potion making or preparing reagents for a ritualistic spells. Chair of Alchemy: Vacant

The Office of Artifacts and Relics - Reserved for the senior apprentices, the Office of Artifacts and Relics delves into the deep vaults of the Magocracy to explore the more powerful side of magic. Apprentices here will encounter rare and foreign powers, titanic oddities, and potent objects best lost to history. Chair of Curios: Vacant

The Office of Civics and History - Perhaps the most normal, and arguably boring, is the Office of Civics and History. Here apprentices learn the history of Arcane Magic and Azeroth. Such topics include the first 100, the exodus of Arathor leading to the formation of Dalaran, et cetera. Furthermore, additional topics include Laws of the Magocracy, as well classes focusing on professionalism and ethics. Chair of Civics: Vacant

The Office of Magical Studies - Like its twin, the Office of Alchemical Studies, the Office of Magical Studies provides apprentices the opportunities to explore the theory of magic and mana while focusing on helping students to become proficient in the schools of Illusion, Conjuration, Abjuration, Enchantment, Evocation, Transmutation, Divination, as well as Runic based magics. Chair of Mystics: Vacant

The Department of Research and Regulation
Department Head: Archmage Ambrose Aetherton

The Alchemy Directorate - The Dalaran Alchemy Department, formally known as the Alchemy Directorate, deals with alchemists and their trade in Dalaran. This office is the body that issues special licenses for alchemists who wish to make medicines, poisons, explosives, and other creations deemed dangerous by the Alchemy Act and Controlled Reagents Act of Dalaran Law. The organization was created after several incidents occurred during the War against the Lich King where adventurers drank carelessly discarded potions in the Dalaran Sewers leading to severe medical problems. Chief Alchemist: Vacant

The Board of Research and Development - Staying true to the original mission of the Magocracy, the Board of Research and Development pioneers the ministry's, and by extent the whole of the Magocracy, magical, alchemical, and technological pursuits. Home to some of the city's most brilliant minds, Magi and Alchemical scientist can often be found tucked away deep within the vast libraries and towers conducting this business of researching, theorizing, and experimenting to discover the next big breakthrough. Chief Artificer: Vacant

The Bureau of Vaults - Charged with the organizing, care taking, and defense of Arcane Vaults, the Bureau of Vaults consists of disciplined magical artisans and powerful spell breakers. Their primary duties include safe keeping Dalaran's stores of powerful reagents, artifacts, and relics. Chief Custodian: Vacant

The Violet Archeological Society - Funded and equipped by the Ministry of Academics, the Violet Archeological Society is charged with the surveying, excavation, and analysis of artifiacts and relics collected throughout Azeroth and Draenor. This Ministry works closely with the Bureau of Vaults. Chief Archeologist: Meya Fluery

The Department of Curated Services
Chief Archivist: Vacant

The Grand Library of Dalaran - The Grand Library is the holding place of the Kirin Tor's research and spells. It is home to thousands of tomes, scrolls, and parchments. Any reading material that could further the Kirin Tor's goal of furthering magical education and research is brought to the library and catalogued. It is attended to night and day by a small army of librarians and loremasters. To take any item out of the library one must be a member of the Kirin Tor and take it to the front desk. If a non-member of the Kirin Tor wishes to take an item out they must get the permission of the Head Librarian. Chief Antiquarian: Magus Ember Dalton

The Dawnweaver's Museum - Named in commemoration of the fallen Archmage Dalar Dawnweaver, the Dawnweaver Museum hosts a wide variety of displays regarding the history of Dalaran and some of the interesting, yet not dangerous artifacts. There is a rotating art collection, usually donated by members of the Senate. It is open to the public. Chief Curator: Vacant