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Dalaran Guard

The Department of the Dalaran Guard is charged with enforcing the mundane laws of the Magocracy of Dalaran and the protection of its citizens. Duties include policing, investigations, and protection of important figures visiting the city. Responsible for issuing arrest warrants, writing up investigative reports, and recommending charges, if any, to the Chief Justice of the Court of Dalaran.


Minister of State Security: The top civilian head of the Department of the Dalaran Guard is the Minister of State Security who is in charge of all of Dalaran's internal security. The Minister is appointed by the Chancellor of the Senate.

Current Minister: Elberich Haltring

Commander: The highest-ranking member of the Dalaran Guard in command of all day-to-day operations. The Commander is appointed by and takes orders directly from the Minister of State Security.

Current Commander: Arthur Ashcroft

Captain: Two Captains who oversee the Guards on duty. They are entrusted with great responsibility to ensure that the Guardsmen on their shift are effectively enforcing Dalaran's laws and keeping the city safe.

Lieutenant: There are a number of Lieutenants in the Dalaran Guard who are respectively assigned districts to watch over. Each Lieutenant must ensure that the law is enforced in their district and that the men and women serving under them are doing their jobs.

Sergeant: There are two sergeants assigned to each Lieutenant to help oversee and coordinate the rest of the enlisted Guardsmen of their district. They are most notably charged with ensuring that all Guardsmen are properly drilled and combat-ready for any problem that arises.

Corporal: The senior enlisted guardsmen who have proven themselves capable of enforcing Dalaran's laws and keeping order in the City. They are given greater responsibilities and are considered role models for the rest of the enlisted guardsmen.

Guardian: Regular enlisted members of the Dalaran Guard that make up the bulk of the force. They are charged with keeping the peace, enforcing the law in their respective districts, and some are even assigned to guard the Violet Hold.


The Mageguard are responsible for protection of the Chancellor and the Cabinet when outside the City of Dalaran. When in use, the Chancellor is guarded by four Mageguard, while members of the Cabinet are guarded by three. They operate under continuous invisibility when on assignment, and make themselves known only when there is a perceived threat to their protectee.


The Magus Senate of Dalaran possesses police powers within Dalaran and its territories, and may arrest, detain, charge, try, convict, and mete out punishment within these regions as per the Senate’s own legal and ethical codes. It should be noted that, in most cases, jurisdiction for ‘mundane’ crimes ends where the city’s borders do. Breaches of the Forbidden Magics Act, however, are under the purview of the Department of Magical Defense, and arrests are governed by a different code of procedure.

The only debatable exception to this is the Forbidden Magics Act. The full outline of said exception, and many other details, can be found in the Senate's Law's.

Once charges have been filed, or a ‘detain and hold’ order has been issued against a suspect, any legal authority of Dalaran may attempt to locate and detain the target individual within jurisdictional boundaries. These boundaries are usually specified at the time. Nonlethal force is required in these instances, though if the suspect becomes belligerent and resorts to lethal force in their resistance of arrest, arresting members are permitted all reasonable acts of self defense.

An arrest warrant may be issued against any person charged with a crime in absentia. There is no duration or statute of limitations once a warrant has been issued. If a warrant is issued, and a suspect is aware of the warrant’s existence, it is considered an additional crime not to present themselves.

Upon arrest, and processing within the Violet Hold a prisoner is entitled to being informed of the charges levied against them within 48 hours. The Minister of the Interior, if not part of the arresting party, must be informed of the charges. Prisoners charged with a crime may not be released except by those with the proper rank, and only in cases of pre-trial. If convicted, prisoners may only be released after time served, or by Chancellor pardon.

It should be noted that arrests, detainments, and the like require the OOC consent of the arrested/detained party. If an individual OOCly refuses to answer for IC crimes, depending on the situation, their involvement with the Magus Senate's roleplay may be reconsidered.


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