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Ranks & D20

Senate Ranks

Civil Service

The Civil Service consists of Junior Senator, Senator and Senior Senator. These individuals consist of the majority of the Senate, and are primarily part of the legislative body, but may take on additional duties as requested or needed. There is no IC or OOC authority that come with these ranks.

Junior Senator

This is where everyone begins, and individuals at this rank are considered full members of the Senate with voting rights. This is the trial rank for new members.

Perks: May vote on legislation. May not submit legislation unless co-sponsored by one Senator or above, or by at least three junior senators. May progress through the first tier of ministerial ranks.


This rank is for members who have been with us for a while and have been active. Notably, individuals at this rank are those who have participated in activities outside of official events, and perhaps hosted an event or two.

Requirements for promotion to this rank:
  • Points: 5-7
  • Must vote on or co-sponsor at least one parliamentary matter (i.e. legislation, resolutions, etc.). Alternatively, may contribute to Senate committees through conducting research and presenting findings, or other similar ventures.

Perks: May submit legislation. May progress through the second tier of Ministerial ranks.

Senior Senator

This rank is for trusted Senators who have been with us for a long time, have come to Senate meetings and events, and participated in a wide range of guild activities. This is the highest rank that non-magi can attain.

Requirements for promotion to this rank:
  • Points: 15+
  • Must introduce at least three original matters for the Senate to be voted upon OR at least three original scholarly contributions.

Perks: May choose a second Ministry specialization, but that specialization may only progress through the first tier of ranks. May progress through the third and final tier of ministerial ranks.

Senior Magocratic Service (SMS)

The Senior Magocratic Service consists of the ranks of Magus and High Magus. The SMS consists only of magi who are selected for their contributions to the Magus Senate, their demonstrated leadership, and by setting an example not only for the rest of the Senate, but in interactions with other organizations as well. Promotion to these ranks is at the discretion of Cabinet. Further, inactive Senators will be demoted to Senior Senator, except in special circumstances.


Senators who attain the rank of Magus are veteran members of the Senate. This is the last rank that comes with no OOC guild authority. People at this rank are generally expected to help out with events, assist leadership with various duties, and set an example for the rest of the Senate to follow.

Points: 30+

High Magus

This is the highest rank a mage can attain within the Senate below Cabinet. This rank is for those who contribute to the guild in a substantial way either through IC or OOC actions such as hosting events, recruiting, website/wikia work, helping new members, etc. Former officers and other trusted and long standing members are also at this rank.

Points: 50+