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Grand Library

The Grand Library is the holding place of the Kirin Tor's research and spells. It is home to thousands of tomes, scrolls, and parchments. Any reading material that could further the Kirin Tor's goal of furthering magical education and research is brought to the library and catalogued. It is attended to night and day by a small army of librarians and loremasters. To take any item out of the library one must be a member of the Kirin Tor and take it to the front desk. If a non-member of the Kirin Tor wishes to take an item out they must get the permission of the Head Librarian.

-ADAPTED FROM THE DISCORD #LIBRARY CHANNEL Will update soon to proper format // 23 Jan 2021 - Aety -
This channel is exclusively reserved for posting links to books, tomes, scrolls, or other works of literature that are canon or fanon (specified if known) that could be found in the library. Note, when referencing material ICly, please ensure your character would lorefully/logically know and have access to the information shared as some of this is restricted or privileged information. This knowledge repository is to serve for reference only to help you augment your roleplay and to learn about the game and realm's creative community.
A Look into the Elements (Fanon)
A Treatise on Magical Warfare (Fanon)
Abjuration and You (Fanon)
Ascension to Lichdom (Fanon)
An Alchemical and Herbal Guide to Azeroth and Beyond (Fanon)
An Interpretation of How Magic Works by Hellissa Ravenshadow (Fanon)
Arcane Atomic Alterations Project (Fanon)
Arcane Energy: The Light's Volatile Cousin (Fanon)
Arcane Magic in Azeroth (Fanon)
Arcane and Mana, What is it? (Fanon)
Archmage Antonidas - Part I, The (Canon)
Archmage Antonidas - Part II, The (Canon)
Archmage Antonidas - Part III, The (Canon)
Artifact Study - The Third Moon (Fanon)
Arts of Divination, The (Fanon)
Astromancy Research: Midnight Sun (Fanon)
Basic Mentality of Illusions by N Winter, The (Fanon)
Basic Time-Stasis Class Notes (Fanon)
Biocrystals (Fanon)
Blinking Rules & Regulations (Canon)
Blood Magic (Fanon)
Brief Regarding the Elementals of Azeroth (Fanon)
Celestial Bodies and the Arcane Arts, The (Fanon)
Chronomatic Dissonance (Fanon)
Classificatory Problems and Traditional Schools of Magic - V. Falconheart (Fanon)
Dangers of Magic Abuse, The (Canon)
De Magia, Volume I (Fanon),
Dissertation: Saronite, The Blood of the Old Gods (Fanon)
Dissertation: Technomages. Disaster or Next Evolutionary Step? (Fanon)
Effects of Arcane Corruption (Fanon)
Elorae's Basic Ley Lines- Eastern Kingdoms Notes (Fanon)
Elorae's Basic Ley Lines- Kalimdor Notes (Fanon)
Elorae's Notes on Battle Pet Familiars (Fanon)
Elorae's Notes on Dwarven Runes (Fanon)
Elorae's Notes- Scourge Necromancy (Fanon)
Elorae's Notes: Behavioral Analysis of Cults (Fanon)
Elorae's Notes: Defense Against Demons (Fanon)
Elorae's Notes: Fel Magic and Defense (Fanon)
Eloraes Notes- Shadow Magic (Fanon)
Enchantment Ritual, The (Fanon)
Enchantment Ward: Castle of the Mind (Fanon)
Fel Absorbing Compound - Ximine (Fanon)
Fel Emission Acceleration Catalyst - Samine (Fanon)
Fel Emission Inhibitor - Thimine (Fanon)
Golemancy by Thaugrim Anvilrage (Fanon)
Harpist's Grimoire, The (Fanon)
Herb Guide and Uses (Fanon)
Household Applications of Novice Transmutation (Fanon)
Hugo Cornelius Renfield's Dissertation: The Effects of Wolf's Bane on the Forsaken (Fanon)
Hugo Cornelius Renfield's Dissertation: The Philosopher's Stone (Fanon)
Human Transmutation (Fanon)
In Time, the Arcane Corrupts All! (Canon),_the_Arcane_Corrupts_All!
Introduction to Demons (Fanon)
Introduction to Runic Magics (Fanon)
Journal of Archmage Antonidas (Canon)
Languages of Arcane Magic, The (Fanon)
Law of Sympathy - Advanced Applications, The (Fanon)
Light: Magic or God-A Project by Gehlnarine Liridian, The (Fanon)
Magic In All Its Forms (Fanon)
Magic in Azeroth: Chapters I-IV. Manuscript for Public Editing (Fanon)
Mana Crystallization and Densification (Fanon)
Material Study - Leystone (Fanon)
Monograph of Azeroth's Elements (Fanon)
Old Wizard's Almanac, The (Canon)
On the Virtues of Magic (Canon)
Operative Laws of Arcane Magic, The (Fanon)
Optimizing Offensive Magic (Fanon)
Piezoelectric Phase-Oscillation Crystal Generator (Fanon)
Polymorphic Rules & Regulations (Canon)
Portals are NOT Garbage Bins! (Canon)
Project Bronto-Cat (Fanon)
Research on Arcane Signularities (Fanon)
Remedial Magic 101: Tips from the Pros (Canon)
Ritual Circles (Fanon)
Robes and Wardrobes (Fanon)
Runes for Dummies: Arcane (Canon)
Schools of Arcane Magic - Abjuration, The (Canon)
Schools of Arcane Magic - Conjuration, The (Canon)
Schools of Arcane Magic - Divination, The (Canon)
Schools of Arcane Magic - Enchantment, The (Canon)
Schools of Arcane Magic - Illusion, The (Canon)
Schools of Arcane Magic - Introduction, The (Canon)
Schools of Arcane Magic - Necromancy, The (Canon)
Schools of Arcane Magic - Transmutation, The (Canon)
Shield Magic in Elwynn: Abjuration at Mirror Lake (Fanon)
Spell of Guardian Gates, The (Fanon)
Spiritual Harvest Witch, The (Fanon)
Techno-Magic (Fanon)
Thinking with Portals - A Memorandum on Proper Portal Usage (Canon)
Transmutation: The Key within the Stone (Fanon)
Uncorrupted Necromancy (Fanon)
Undeath is a Universal Imperative (Fanon)
Violet Grimoire, The (Fanon)
Ways of the Old: Runes and Staves, The [Research Journal] (Fanon)


Also, for you magic-type that enjoy referencing reagents for spells, ritual, alchemy, so forth, I heavily recommend using these lists are they are canonical in their applications:

1. Cannibean's List of Minerals
2. Cannibean's List of Plants