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Nethergarde Keep

Above: Rebuilt Nethergarde Keep, 41 L.C.

The original Nethergarde Keep was built after the Second War — following the destruction of the first Dark Portal — at the behest of Archmage Khadgar to ensure that there would be no further invasions from Draenor. However, it was destroyed when the Iron Horde invasion force, the Ironmarch, aided by the area's Dreadmaul ogres, invaded through the Dark Portal.

The Magocracy of Dalaran has since rebuilt Nethergarde Keep to continue watching over the remnants of the Dark Portal and as a base for both the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of State Security. Certain upgrades were made to the rebuilt fortress, such as upgraded defenses and the addition of a harbor for Dalaran's naval fleet. Other additions were included in the new structure, many of which are a closely guarded secret by its occupants.