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The Violet Gate

The Violet Gate Authority is charged with enforcing Dalaran regulations regarding immigration and visitation, as well as the monitoring of imports and exports for illegal goods. It is responsible for oversight and security of the Violet Gate, specifically the enforcement of the Teleportation and Portals Act, ensuring that there is no unauthorized entry into the City of Dalaran and that all visitors enter through the Violet Gate. It is tasked with ensuring that the Violet Gate remains uncompromised and effectively screens and processes all visitors entering Dalaran for contraband as stated in Article V of the Laws of Dalaran, protecting the Dalaran economy from smuggling and illegal goods. It is also responsible with providing security at Krasus Landing, ensuring safe passage into and out of Dalaran.


Goods that are deemed illegal are as follows:
  • Propaganda supporting any organization defined as World Traitorous by Dalaranian Law.
  • Any legal or official document, warrant or license determined to be a forgery by a Dalaran authority.
  • Any tool in which its express purpose is to produce forgeries.
  • Any artifacts or items imbued with any magic defined as Void Magic under the Forbidden Magics Act.
  • Demon Blood, or any artifacts or items imbued with magic defined as Fel and/or Demonology under the Forbidden Magics Act.
  • Undead Plague, or any artifacts or items imbued with or carrying the plague.


The following is a manifest of recent imports and exports of trade goods handled by the Magus Senate of Dalaran. All units priced per pound or per 16 fluid ounces.

Agricultural Imports

Primary Provider: Sunswift Farms
-Apples; 85c
-Ash Turnips; 70c
-Cabbage; 90c
-Leeks; 70c
-Mugwort; 1.4s
-Olives; 1.2s
-Onions; 75c
-Oranges; 1.3s
-Potatoes; 80c
-Tomatoes; 1.9s

Primary Providers: Sunswift Farms, Tradewinds Coalition
-Flour; 1.2s
-Linseed; 5.8s
-Rice; 60c
-Sesame Seed; 4.2s

Meat & Animal Products
Primary Supplier: Sunswift Farms
-Beef; 3.9s
-Cream; 1.3s
-Eggs; 1.4s
-Fish (Salmon); 15.6s
-Honey; 5.9s
-Milk; 3.2s
-Pork; 4.2s
-Venison; 7.6s
-Viper Eggs; 10.66s

Herbs & Spices
Primary Suppliers: Sunswift Farms, Tradewinds Coalition
-Akiris Reed; 4.5s
-Cinnamon; 2.4s
-Coffee; 6.5s
-Ginseng; 20.3s
-Nutmeg; 10.3s
-Olive Oil; 4.9s
-Peppercorn; 9.7s
-Sugar; 80c

Industrial Imports

Metal, Stone, & Gems
Primary Suppliers: Dwarven Vanguard, Brimcore Mining Co - PRISM, Aether Tech
-Basalt; 20c
-Copper; 2.5s
-Gold 5.06g
-Incendicite; 9.52g
-Limestone; 6.5c
-Malachite; 8.7s
-Mithril; 2.03g
-Resonite; 10.3g
-Sapphire; 12.01g
-Silver; 2.5g
-Throium; 3.42g
-Zinc; 88.06s

Primary Suppliers: Evergreen Arbor - PRISM
-Ashwood; 1.3s
-Birch; 2.03s
-Ironwood 10.8s
-Oak 2.9s

Textiles & Leathers
Primary Suppliers: Tradewinds Coalition, Evergreen Arbor - PRISM
-Beeswax; 6.5s
-Cotton Thread; 2.1s
-Ironwood Leather; 40.53s
-Linen Thread; 1.3s
-Silk Thread; 4.8s
-Tallow; 40c
-Wool Thread; 1.6s

Foreign Services Rendered
Primary Suppliers: Dwarven Vanguard, Aether Tech, Reggad Trading Co.
-Commercial Goods Transportation; Varies
-Component-Smilithing; Varies

Agricultural Exports

Primary Producer: Mythic Garden
-Aehtril Fiber; 5.3g
-Bear's Paw; 6.03s
-Emerald Shimmercap; 6.12s
-Fenberries; 1.5s
-Ghost Mushrooms; 5.8s
-Runewood; 12s
-Wyrmtail; 6.4s

Industrial Exports

Primary Producer: Elemental Foundry
-Animite; 12.3g
-Arcanite; 22.5g
-Enchanted Steel; 2.15g

Primary Producer: Fateful Weavers
-Enchanted Silk; 2.3g
-Runecloth; 15.2s

Reagents, Arcane/Alchemical - All Prices May Vary
-Arcane Catalysts; 3g
-Arcane Crystals; 40.02s
-Arcane Flux; 15.80s
-Arcane Inks; 75.60s
-Refined Essences; 32.9g
-Quickening Agents; 18.4s

Arcane Consumables
-Potions; Varies; Examples Scale Per Strength-Tier
-Potions of Healing; 35s, 1.5g, 4.3g
-Potions of Empowerment; 70s, 2.2g, 6g
-Runestones; Varies
-Runestone of Recall;
-Runestone of Teleportation; 1.1g
-Runestone of Vitality; 3.5g
-Scrolls; Varies

Local Services Rendered
-Portal Services; Varies
-Enchanting Services; Varies