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(Feb 11, 2016)
According to Shivtr you are on the account connected with the First Regiment. On your application what was your character name?
(Feb 11, 2016)
elberich, can you tell me if i have?
(Feb 11, 2016)
i think i have been accepted, i made a app yesterday and now i cant accese it.
(Feb 11, 2016)
(Feb 07, 2016)
Speak with an officer and they'll interview and invite you!
(Feb 07, 2016)
How do I join In Game?
(Feb 03, 2016)
Hi. Mock trial next week. Talk to me if you want to be involved!
(Jan 04, 2016)
Fringe Office presentation on Wednesday, check out the calendar, and hope to see you there!
(Dec 21, 2015)
I liked Valecian's story.
(Dec 12, 2015)
Probably not going to make it to the bill voting, I'm being dragged off to some place tonight. Here's hoping they cancel, but otherwise, sorry!
(Dec 12, 2015)
Sorry - today has been pretty busy for me (that's rare NGL) so it'll have to be tomorrow or the next day.
(Dec 11, 2015)
@Mayio Ir's possible, though I am unfortunately rather busy today so we'll have to see how things turn out.
(Dec 11, 2015)
Later this evening I'll be able to conduct an Interview if you're interested. Say sometime between 9-11 server time?
(Dec 11, 2015)
Hi Pera! Welcome to the Senate (Online version anyways) I look forward to meeting you soon ^_^
(Dec 11, 2015)
My application was just accepted! :D I can't log on right now (it's 2am) but I can't wait for my interview :>
(Dec 09, 2015)
So much shade being thrown in the proposal for the parliament act.
(Dec 06, 2015)
Thank you May. ^_^ Hope everyone is doin' good while I'm gone.
(Dec 04, 2015)
Yo, Kyandra happy birthday!
(Nov 27, 2015)
D.S.R. event on December 6th, check the calendar for info!