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(Nov 24, 2015)
Once more it has been rescheduled for Sunday 8pm
(Nov 20, 2015)
The Alchemy Presentation has been moved to Tuesday 8pm server due to life and not many people on Friday hope to see you there.
(Nov 17, 2015)
Division of Special Research is up and running! Check out the intro posting under the Research Projects thread.
(Nov 17, 2015)
I have the best engineers. So proud.
(Nov 13, 2015)
You mean like you want a new IC character?
(Nov 06, 2015)
Do whatever makes you happy, dude.
(Nov 04, 2015)
What he said
(Nov 03, 2015)
Do want you want it is your account and your money
(Nov 03, 2015)
I have a question for everyone in the Senate. When it comes to re-rolling a character what are the factors that make it Justifiable?
(Oct 24, 2015)
Hey! I still live...been studying for mid-terms the past 2 weeks. I will try posting something by the week's end when the tests are done.
(Oct 21, 2015)
How's it going Allecta? Is everything alright?
(Oct 17, 2015)
Hey, its Allecta. I was just checking in since I hadn't been around for months.
(Oct 11, 2015)
Depends if he keeps drinking out of Hellissa's flask. Maybe both at the same time.
(Oct 11, 2015)
Alcohol poisoning of course
(Oct 11, 2015)
Is Vale more likely to die from an experiment or alcohol poisoning?
(Oct 10, 2015)
wooo fresh meat
(Oct 10, 2015)
Hello all! I've just joined! Yay!
(Oct 09, 2015)
In the process of reworking tests!
(Oct 09, 2015)
I will be retuning soon!